Remember how we were all ready to throw the barbecue into the nearest skip at the end of the disastrous 2012 summer?

And remember how glad we were we didn’t in the two successive summers, when day after day brought more of the ideal weather for cooking and eating out of doors?

We certainly saw sales of barbecue food go through the roof, and supplying a healthily-expanding market for it now occupies a lot of our attention and energy.

Most people learned a very important lesson from the horsemeat scandal, which only served to underline the truth that if something looks too good to be true – such as 12 ‘beef’ burgers for a pound – it probably is.

Unfortunately the burger’s reputation has suffered dreadfully in recent years. Let’s not forget the original Hamburger – named after the city – where it was invented was a high-quality meat patty, not a convenient way of using up waste meat. It was only after it had been taken to the US by eastern European immigrants and then brought back here when the burger revolution started that it got into trouble and things began to go wrong.

We can say with confidence that our burgers, all made from prime beef or pork, are probably the finest you’ll ever eat. And don’t just take our word for that: take the word of the trade organisations who regularly hand us awards for them, particularly for our innovative Meltdown burger, a whopping hunk of prime minced beef with a centre of mature Cheddar cheese – an inside-out cheeseburger, in other words.

We also have our constantly changing array of sausages to tempt you, as well as kebabs and pre-flavoured cuts of chicken and lamb. Whether it’s for a weekday family supper or a big event where hundreds of people will be eating we can provide whatever you need.

And if you don’t see anything to tempt you in our range of barbecue foods (unlikely, but it occasionally happens) then we’ll be delighted to discuss making something to your personal specification.


Need some inspiration? Just head over to our recipes page. We have plenty of great ideas on what to cook with our meat!