Pyne’s of Somerset – A Real Family Business

What do you get when you buy meat from a supermarket? A warm welcome? Personal service? A product which can be traced right back to the farm it came from? Value for money? Probably not. But here at Pyne’s of Somerset we can offer all those – as our hundreds of regular customers can testify. But it’s not only the quality our products that makes us so special. It’s also the close links we have created and maintained with local farmers since our business was set up by Phil and Beryl Pyne in 1984.

We only sell meat from animals that have been reared to the highest standard. And there’s a further advantage in our policy of local sourcing: livestock only have to travel a few miles to slaughter – and stress-free animals means better-tasting meat. We also hang our beef for a minimum of 21 days to allow it to naturally tenderise and for the flavour to develop. Our pigs are reared outdoors and are an unusual Wessex/Duroc cross which we believe gives outstanding eating. Our lambs are either bought direct from one of the many producers close to the village or are carefully selected at Sedgemoor Auction Centre, just down the road.

Our sausages are legendary – there’s no other word to describe them. We’re constantly changing and adding to the varieties we make but at any one time you’re likely to find our highly-acclaimed Pork, Bacon and Black Pudding being sold alongside other popular lines such as Pork and Marmalade, Pork, Chilli and Paprika or our latest invention “The Proper Job”- made with pork, apple, sage and cider. We also make gluten-free sausages and can supply venison or beef sausages to order.

Now a word about our staff. We regard ourselves as a real family business – and the staff are regarded as part of that family, mainly because most of them have been with us for so long. In fact they can boast an astonishing 134 years’ experience between them.

But there’s another part of the family: our customers. We’re lucky enough to serve literally scores of people who have shopped with us for years. We know their likes and dislikes – sometimes we can almost predict what they’ll ask for when they come in – and they keep returning time after time because they know we provide top quality, outstanding value for money, and that all-important personal service.

So when you shop with us you won’t just be buying the finest meat from a business which has twice been named as the best butcher’s in Southern England. You’ll be joining the family as well.

Philip and Beryl established Pyne’s of Somerset in 1984. Philip had trained and worked as a butcher and Beryl came from a hotel and catering background.

1984 was a perfect time for these two professions to create a modern Butcher’s Shop. Customers wanted traditional butchery skills but also needed more convenience meat, ready prepared, to fit in with their busy lives.

The balance of traditional butchery skills combined with a modern approach to meat continues.

We have built up a great relationship in the local area with farmers who produce a premium product. One of our farmers is Bob Hall of Fordgate, near Bridgwater.

Philip and Bob meet once a week to select the cattle. Bob rears old fashioned breeds, fed on top quality, specially prepared cattle cake.

The cattle are transported 14 miles to the abattoir from where they are immediately dispatched.

Welfare of the animal is of paramount importance at all stages as any fall in standards would result in an inferior product.


Our aim is for our discerning customers to be confident that they have bought meat reared to the highest welfare standards.


You will be inspired by our exceptional standards of customer service. With a wealth of butchery experience, our team will be able to tell you about the different cuts and how to prepare them.


We believe the qualities needed to be a success are people skills and an outstanding knowledge of the butchery trade.


Over the years our meat and products have collected an array of accolades, many from the most exacting of critics – the British meat industry. Click the button below to read a few.