Poultry is one of those areas of the meat trade which has never been far from controversy in the past.

Intensive rearing has given poultry farming in general a poor reputation – a reputation not helped by supermarkets selling chickens at three for £10, or sometimes even less.

But we’re happy to assure all our customers that our poultry comes with the very highest welfare credentials.

The fact is that if something looks too good to be true it probably is. So while cheap supermarket chickens may appear to offer a good deal, somewhere along the way corners have been cut, either in welfare or feedings standards, to get them onto the shelf at that price.

And should you buy one what do you get? Distinctly inferior meat. Pretty tasteless and with very poor eating quality. As far removed, in other words, as it is possible to imagine from the occasional treat which chicken used to represent for most families.

We like to think we’re turning the clock back a bit to the days before chicken was the cheap option. We sell birds that have been carefully raised and well fed, so they retain that wonderful flavour. A flavour which will be there when they’re served for Sunday lunch, will still be there when eaten cold and will sing through again when the remains are turned into stock and soup, as was always the custom.

And while our chickens may cost you a little more than you’ll pay for a standard supermarket bird, most of our customers are entirely content to pay the premium in return for knowing that the bird has been well fed and well cared for – and that that will be reflected in the quality.

Our free-range birds are supplied by Creedy Carver in Devon, while the bulk of our chickens are barn-reared on a farm in Wiltshire, both sources, of course, demonstrating our dedication to keeping our supply chains as short as possible.

Our turkeys, meanwhile, have even fewer miles to travel. They come from the same Somerset Levels farm that has supplied us for the last 30 years and as bronze, traditionally-reared birds are guaranteed to give you that classic Christmas flavour.

We also have locally-reared geese available for Christmas and at certain other times of the year. And we’re always ready to meet your particular requirements.

If you’re planning a big turkey meal at Christmas and are nervous about how to carve it then just ask us and we can bone the bird out for you so all you have to do is roast it and slice it.

And if you’re looking for something slightly out of the ordinary, perhaps for a really special occasion, then come and talk to us about a multi-bird roast. Where we apply that same technique to several different types of poultry and bone, roll and tie them all up together, usually inside a boned turkey.

It’s a spectacular centrepiece to serve at any meal.


Need some inspiration? Just head over to our recipes page. We have plenty of great ideas on what to cook with our poultry!